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A6: Untersuchung der Bindungsstellen auf dem FimH-Protein von Typ-1-Fimbrien mit Hilfe maßgeschneiderter oligofunktioneller Glycoliganden

Keywords: function of the glycocalyx; bacterial athesion; FimH protein; photolabeling

Our research addresses the investigation of the biological function of the glycocalyx of eucaryotic cells. The sugar layer on cell surfaces forms an extremely complex molecular environment. It is a nano-scaled supramolecular system of complex oligosaccharides in an aqueous phase, assembled on the lipid bylayer. The molecular dynamics, the physical chemistry and biology of this system in its whole is extremely difficult to investigate, while it might form the basis of its function.

As one of the mile stones in the frame of our endeavours mannose-specific adhesion of E.coli bacteria is in the focus of our SFB project A6, where we combine methods of synthetic chemistry, chemical biology and computer chemistry to understand the details of the carbohydrate-protein interactions, involved in the adhesive process.


Prof. Dr. Thisbe K. Lindhorst

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