1. Christian Spahn - Translational GTPases and the energy landscape of the 70S ribosome

2. Holger Stark / Helmut Grubmüller - Structural studies of ribosome-SelB complexes and ribosome nascent chain folding intermediates by cryo-EM and molecular dynamics simulations

3. Roland Beckmann - Structural basis of canonical and non-canonical translation termination and recycling by eRF1/eRF3 and ABCE1 in yeast and humans

4. Daniel Wilson - Dynamic interplay between chloramphenicol/linezolid and the translating ribosome

5. Nediljko Budisa - Probing the mechanisms of unnatural protein translation with an engineered genetic code and orthogonal translational pairs

6. Marina Rodina /Ingo Wohlgemuth - Mechanisms regulating speed and accuracy of translation

7. Zoya Ignatova - Dynamics of translation under normal conditions and oxidative stress

8. Günter Kramer / Bernd Bukau - Coordination of translation and assembly of protein complexes

9. Reinhard Lipowsky - Stochastic modelling of protein synthesis by ribosomes