University of Hamburg
Faculty of Science
Department of Chemistry
Hörsaal B (Lecture Hall B)
Martin-Luther-King-Platz 6
20146 Hamburg

Travel to Hamburg

By train: Hamburg is easily accessible by train and has five mainline train stations: Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), Altona, Dammtor, Harburg and Bergedorf. Most InterCity (IC) and InterCity Express (ICE) trains stop at Hauptbahnhof. Trains servicing northbound lines will stop in Dammtor and Altona too, while trains on southbound lines also service Harburg. The train station closest to University of Hamburg is "Dammtor".
By car: Hamburg is centred between the motorways A7 (North/South tangent), A1 (Bremen-Lübeck), A24 (Berlin-Hamburg) and the A23 (Heide-Hamburg).
By plane: Hamburg Airport is located 8 km from the city centre. It is easily accessible via rapid-transit trains or taxi. A train ride from the Airport to the city centre will cost about 3 EUR and takes about 30 minutes. A taxi will also need about 30 minutes for this trip, which will costs about 25 EUR.

Transport in Hamburg

Public Transport: Hamburg has an excellent network of rapid transport trains (S-Bahn and U-Bahn) and busses. For detailed information about public transportation in Hamburg please visit the HVV (Hamburg public Transport) website.
Taxi: Taxis are available at the airport and the major train stations. Also they can be ordered by telephone

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