15th International Symposium

Boron, Borides and Related Compounds
ISBB 2005

Hamburg, 21-26 August 2005
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In association with the Journal of Solid
State Chemistry

Solid State Sciences

The Fifteenth International Symposium on Boron, Borides, and Related Compounds was devoted to all aspects of solid state research on and the applications of boron containing materials.

Over the last decades, there has been an increasing interest in inorganic compounds with exciting structure-property relationships.

Boron and borides are among those materials, and they are especially fascinating because of their electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties as well as their complex crystal structures. The conference was comprised of several sessions with invited and contributing oral presentations, and supplemented by a number of poster presentations.

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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft   Fonds der Chemischen Industrie   Max-Planck-Institut Dresden   Universität Hamburg   Hamburgische Stiftung für Wissenschaften, Entwicklung und Kultur Helmut und Hannelore Greve   
Tokyo Kohan Co. Ltd.  H.C. Starck  Beiersdorf  Bayer AG  Stoe & Cie.  ESK Ceramics  Netzsch Gerätebau

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