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Norbert Stribeck


TMC, Room B 219
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1950 born in Duisburg, Germany
1970 studies of physics, University of Bochum
1976 Master in physics, University of Marburg
1980 PhD in polymer physics, University of Marburg
1982 Research scientist, polymer physics, University of Hamburg
1996 Habilitation in polymer analytics
1997 Venia Legendi in polymer physics
2008 Appointment to Professor
More than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals, book editor, author of the text book "X-Ray Scattering of Soft Matter" (Springer 2007)
Study of polymers by scattering methods (synchrotron radiation, X-ray scattering). Development of evaluation methods and algorithms. dynamical-mechanical analysis (DMA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), ellipsometry.
The two-phase nanostructure of many plastics materials is causing their peculiar physical properties. In semicrystalline polymers size and distribution of crystalline domains determines the hardness of the material. In thermoplastic elastomers the elastic properties are a function of the purity of the solidified glassy phase (hard domains) (phase separation). Typical dimensions of the studied domains are ranging from 3 nm to 300 nm.
Utilizing brilliant synchrotron radiation, we study changes of the morphology of the nanocomposite material during melting and recrystallization as well as during straining and fibre spinning. We register morphological changes caused by solid or liquid extenders and are intensely involved in the task to gain a clear understanding of processes and structures related to materials properties by developing methods for the quantitive, multi-dimensional analysis of nanostructure data from X-ray methods.

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